Post-party stats

Black Valley 2023 concluded one month ago, and we’d like to set a proper punctuation on it. It was a much larger operation than our first year, with more moving parts, but we think it turned out pretty great. We like to be transparent about our numbers, so without further ado, here they are:

Tickets πŸ”—

Here’s a breakdown of the tickets we sold, by type:

Ticket type Amount
Regular ticket 58
Ticket + T-shirt 49
Free ticket 9
Organizers 12

That’s a total of 107 tickets sold, and 97 tickets were scanned at the door in exchange for a wristband and a votekey.

Competitions πŸ”—

We held 7 competitions, with a total of 64 entries across all disciplines!

To pick the winners, 2651 votes were given. That’s a total of 8656 hearts!

Budget πŸ”—

We want to be a transparent organization, so we think it makes sense to publish how the finances went. This way, people can get to know what their entrance fee was spent on.

Please note that the budget isn’t entirely settled yet, as some vendors have yet to invoice us. So there’s a chance of some small changes in the outcome. We will update this page if that happens.

Item Amount
Rent main hall -5,000.00 kr
Cleaning -3,000.00 kr
Rent sleeping hall -3,000.00 kr
Rent showers -1,500.00 kr
Rent PA -20,141.25 kr
T-shirts -15,722.50 kr
Wristbands -3,750.00 kr
Rent tables -3,206.00 kr
Coasters and coolers -1,317.18 kr
Earplugs -521.00 kr
Flag -1,826.25 kr
Lanyards + ink -1,369.00 kr
Rigging food -1,943.98 kr
Prizes -2,093.90 kr
Trash bags, wipes -344.00 kr
Print paper -428.90 kr
Coffee, paper cups -602.70 kr
Rental car -2,591.00 kr
Toilet paper -341.80 kr
Ticket sale 42,873.74 kr
Sponsorship Collabora 10,000.00 kr
Banking fee -100.00 kr
T-shirt sale 11,821.25 kr

This leaves us with a result of 4,104.47 kr in losses. The deficit is slightly smaller than the profit from last year, meaning that we in total just broke even! After all, the intent was to spend last year’s surplus on this year’s party!

That’s pretty much it for this post! We hope to see you at Black Valley 2024, more details about that will follow in the future!