A short while ago, we were delivered a curveball when the restaurant downstairs from the party place unsuspectedly ceased operations with immediate effect. We’ve tried many, many avenues for alternatives, but have been unable to secure a full replacement - as in an open-all-day-and-night food service. We have struck a deal with The Barbecue food truck who will be around to sell food items during the daytime and early evening on Saturday.

This means all other meals need to be either brought to the party, or purchased locally. There is a grocery shop a short walk up the road that has normal daytime opening hours, and also Sørumsand is about a 10 minute drive where many different food options are available.

We are sorry that we are unable to provide the level of food service onsite that we had planned, but we hope that everyone will be able to find good meal solutions for the weekend.

Please be advised that there is a general ban on any open fire outdoors in the entire area, so we cannot allow any barbecuing unfortunately.

Edit: The extraordinary ban on open fire has been lifted, and barbequing can now be done legally. Please notice that there’s still some restrictions on where you can barbeque, so please consult the organizers before setting up.